What am I trying to do?

Here's how my brain works:

"That looks super cool! I wonder how it's made...."

Which then leads me to an idea. "Wouldn't it be cool if it did this. Or perhaps was made with this type of wood. I bet I could use that tool to make this part easier."

I don't get that from most DIY things. I don't get excited about making something that I can give away or put in my own home. Some things are super cool and I love sites like Instructables for what it can teach me. But we don't need more folded coffee filter wreaths.

The desire to make cool things paired with the dearth of quality DIY design work lead me to making kits. They allow other people to participate in the making process (the part that I really enjoy) while taking off the pressure of doing all the 3D modeling, translating those models into 2D, and the thousands of design decisions in that process. I'm attempting to enable other people to make the things I design. We're partners in that and you get to say you were a part of making it when someone else asks.

Maybe I'm overselling this but that's what got me started. Super cool designs that I wanted to make accessible (and easily ship to people).

I absolutely will share my process and let other people learn from what I've developed. I fully intend to publish an instructables showing a full process from beginning to end. I'll even release the files I'm using at every step. I'm going to use something that is copy writed because it's something I wouldn't be able to sell.

Lastly - everything I've done so far has been in paper. I have been doing a lot of prototypes with other materials and most of them will be involved with lighting. I think there's SO MUCH opportunity to innovate with lighting. A lot of lights look very similar and pretty boring most of the time if I'm being honest. I'll start sharing once I reach a final product on the first one.

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