What comes in each of the kits?

  • Everything you need to successfully build each sculpture! It includes all of the cut and scored pieces, glue, a practice piece (which you build into a whale along with a video on the assembly page), and a tool to help with folding and gluing

How do you hang them on the wall?

  • It's super easy! There's a flat back piece with an opening. The top of that opening will easily sit on a pushpin or nail since the whole sculpture weighs less than a pound.

How to hang photo

Do you need any paint?

  • Nope! That's the actual color and finish of the paper you see in the photographs. You are more than welcome to paint them if you want to and I'd suggest using the whale that comes with each kit as your test.

Can a child build this?

  • Possibly. I generally recommend 10 years of age and older. These take time and patience! Be sure to check out the difficulty scale on each one before you decide to gift this to anyone but especially for a child. I recommend the Dragon, Unicorn, Raccoon, Giraffe, or Panda as good, easier ones to accomplish for older children (especially with some help from you!).