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Beverly the Rhino | DIY Paper Sculpture Kit

$ 62.50

Beverly the Rhino is a DIY paper sculpture that you bring to life using the materials included in your Resident papercraft kit.

likes popsicles, winter sweaters, and fireworks. Need a best friend to unload on for a couple of hours? Bev’s your girl. She’s a fantastic conversationalist (don’t expect her to actually talk back to you because… she’s paper) and will always ask you how your day went. Beverly is the most modest person you’ll ever meet so let me lay it out for you since she won’t: she started her own business when she was 12, she is currently renovating a home, and actually contributes to her retirement accounts. That’s right - she’s the most “adult” adult you’ll ever meet. She’s willing to take a break from all her adulting to keep you company in your house/apartment!


What comes in the kit to build her?

  • Beverly the Rhino comes with 29 pieces, ½ oz. of glue, and instructions.

How large is Beverly?

  • The finished sculpture is 20 in (81 cm) from top to bottom, 15 in (66 cm) from side to side, and 23 in (15 cm) from the wall to the furthest tip of her horn.

How long does it take to build her?

  • It depends on your skill level, but I estimate it will take between 4 and 6 hours to complete her (especially if you want her to look as nice as the pictures!).

How hard is it to build Bev?

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, she is a 7. She has a couple of large pieces that take a bit of skill to glue well.
  • 1 means you struggle to put together IKEA. 10 means you can build anything anyone puts in front of you.

How does she hang on the wall?

  • Since she’s paper and hollow, the finished sculpture is super light. A push pin or small nail is going to be more than adequate! If you are worried about poking holes in your wall, a hook with a command strip behind it should also work.

Do I need to paint her?

  • Nope! Bev comes as the colors you see in the pictures above.

Can a child build her?

  • Possibly - I recommend around 10 as the lower age limit. She requires spatial ability and patience. Anyone with those skills should be able to complete her!
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